Resort Advantage Announces Slots Jackpot Accelerator™

For Android, iPad, and Windows Mobile Devices

Innovative Mobile Jackpot Payout Processing Solution

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 Complete FinCEN / IRS Compliance Solution For Casinos

As the makers of the award-winning Title 31 Accelerator suite of Title 31 compliance applications, Resort Advantage continues to lead the gaming industry with its compliance innovations. Title 31 AcceleratorTM and Slots Jackpot Accelerator™ are the FinCEN and IRS compliance solutions of choice for the country's most prominent casino properties!

Our mission is to help our many casino Customers to reduce costs, minimize risk, increase revenues, and establish a “findings free” FinCEN and IRS compliance process management environment.  We specialize in working with the industry’s most innovative gaming organizations who have trusted us over all other providers to manage their compliance processes.


Resort Advantage brings the industry's best compliance tools and technologies together into one comprehensive and integrated solution for complete FinCEN and IRS regulatory compliance that meets the needs of our casino customers today and into the future.

Leveraging exclusive value-add integration relationships with the gaming industry's most advanced compliance product and service providers, Resort Advantage can deliver this vision to casino properties in any jurisdiction, anywhere.