Incident Report Accelerator™

Resort Advantage, the recognized compliance innovation leader in the gaming industry, has worked with the industry's most respected gaming properties to create Incident Report Accelerator™, the first ubiquitous incident reporting solution for casinos!

The Problem

FinCEN and gaming regulators continue to demand that casinos take steps to increase the evaluation and reporting of internal controls infractions and suspicious activities taking place at the property.

To accomplish this objective, properties are required to effectively train staff across the organization to maintain a heightened awareness of reportable activities performed by patrons, vendors, and even fellow employees within the property.

The Solution

Resort Advantage's innovative Incident Report Accelerator facilitates a streamlined suspicious activity reporting business process by making incident reporting tools readily available to staff members on the floor.

Giving floor staff the ability to quickly initiate incident reports on a real-time basis on the floor without all of the manual paperwork lends itself to an increased volume of incident reports and more accurate data collection in preparation for suspicious activity reporting.

The result is a completely auditable business process that encourages an increase in the awareness of the value of incident reporting at the property.

Real-Time Incident Reporting

Incident Report Accelerator has been designed to make the incident reporting process instantly available to any staff member anywhere across the property:

  • On their Smartphones
  • On their tablets
  • At their workstations
Incident Report Accelerator

Give your people the proper tools that help them to be more productive. Streamline your routing capabilities to property’s assigned supervisor team members, Security/Surveillance for further assessment, subsequent investigation, and, if appropriate, to the Compliance Team, for SAR processing.


Immediate access to the Incident Report Accelerator allows casino staff to quickly and easily report on a variety of incidents including:

Resort Advantage’s Incident Report Accelerator solution facilitates a streamlined suspicious activity reporting business process by making incident reporting tools readily accessible to staff members on the floor.
— Brian Ferrilla, Managing Director, Resort Advantage
  • Establishes a proactive incident reporting environment at the property
  • Minimizes paperwork
  • Expedites the collection of incident information
  • Increases the number of suspicious incidents reported, thereby leading to increased SAR reporting
  • Provides for more efficient reporting and analysis of suspicious activity at the property
  • Offers complete auditability throughout the incident reporting process
  • Provides properties with ability to extend the SAR reporting
  • time window

Available On-Premise or SaaS

You have the flexibility to choose a familiar On-Premise software option or the Online SaaS option.

Resort Advantage's industry expertise combined with our proven methodology and adaptable compliance solutions helps gaming properties streamline their compliance processes and improve operational efficiencies. Resort Advantage's award-winning Complete FinCEN / IRS Solution continues to set the standard for regulatory compliance management as the solution of choice for the world's most prominent casino properties.

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