Cost-Savings Compliance / IRS Software Solutions for Native American Gaming

As the makers of the gaming industry's award-winning suite of FinCEN and IRS compliance management and reporting applications, Resort Advantage (RA) leads the gaming industry with its compliance innovations that meet the regulatory needs of casinos. Considered the compliance management gold standard, RA's Complete FinCEN / IRS Compliance Solution is the software suite of choice for many of Tribal Gaming’s most prominent casino resorts.


As the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) ramps up efforts to audit and assess fines to more casinos, RA is committed to helping tribally  owned casinos avoid costly violations of anti-money laundering regulations. Many of the largest tribal properties have taken steps to automate their AML compliance management processes. RA is working to bring these same “fine-eliminating” AML compliance management capabilities to the hundreds of smaller properties across the country. RA’s Title 31 Accelerator Online! is a hosted “cloud based” solution designed for small to mid-size tribal casino properties with low-volume FinCEN form filing requirements that cannot budget for an in-house Title 31 compliance solution.

Title 31 Accelerator Online!™

Our mission is to help our many casino Customers to reduce costs, minimize risk, increase revenues, and establish a ”findings free” FinCEN and IRS compliance process management environment.

Title 31 Accelerator Online™!, the Native American Gaming industry's first hosted Title 31 compliance software application suite. Title 31 Accelerator Online! offers the same electronic MTL / NIL transaction entry, transaction analysis, compliance audit, powerful reporting, FinCEN eFiling capabilities as those found in Title 31 Accelerator's robust Back Office, Floor Monitor, and eSubmission modules installed at the world's most prominent casino properties.

Title 31 Accelerator Online!, a Low Monthly Subscription Service

Think of Title 31 Accelerator Online! as your property’s compliance insurance policy!

A customizable, modular end-to-end solution for managing your Title 31 and IRS compliance processes from the casino floor through to the seamless electronic filing of the required FinCEN and IRS forms.

Your property can start with Title 31 Accelerator Online! and then migrate to RA’s On-Premise Title 31 Accelerator based on your future growth.

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