Resort Advantage Partners with Sightline Interactive to Provide Innovative Patron Jackpot Payout Alternative


ROYAL OAK, MI - October 17, 2012 - Resort Advantage (RA), the recognized innovation leader in FinCEN and IRS compliance solutions for the gaming industry, announces a new partnership with the gaming industry's leading program manager of prepaid loyalty card programs, Sightline Interactive, LLC (Sightline). Resort Advantage's Slots Jackpot Accelerator (SJA) mobile jackpot payout processing solution now offers a unique integration with Sightline's casino-branded Loyalty Card Plus™ prepaid program. The integration allows patrons a new alternative for receiving all or part of their jackpot winnings, in real-time, using Sightline's proprietary closed-loop network (SPAN™), on to their casino operator branded prepaid card.

Partnering with Resort Advantage is great because now casino patrons will for the first time have an alternative choice for their jackpot payouts that is easier, safer, and more convenient than cash or check.
— Diran Kludjian, Executive Vice President, Sightline Interactive, LLC

According to Diran Kludjian, Executive Vice President of Sightline, "Our Loyalty Card Plus Prepaid program is revolutionizing the gaming customer experience and operators are utilizing our Loyalty Card Plus Prepaid program in a variety of innovative ways, including jackpot payouts. Partnering with Resort Advantage is great because now casino patrons will for the first time have an alternative choice for their jackpot payouts that is easier, safer, and more convenient than cash or check."

Slots Jackpot Accelerator enhances the experience of each winning patron, giving the property a unique customer service advantage. Using an Android, iPad, or Windows mobile device's touch screen, camera, barcode reader, mag stripe reader and phone capabilities, SJA greatly reduces the manual effort required by floor, cage, and compliance personnel to process jackpots and can completely eliminate paperwork produced. SJA's simple wizard interface walks the floor staff through each required information gathering step in the payout process according to the business rules of the property.

"As properties look to gain competitive advantage through the enhancement of their patrons' gaming experience, we saw the integration of Slots Jackpot Accelerator with Sightline as a great opportunity to make the entire jackpot payout process completely paperless," states Brian Ferrilla, Managing Director of Resort Advantage. "Additionally, given the real-time promotional and couponing platform inherent with Loyalty Card Plus, when a patron elects to post some or all of their jackpot winnings to their prepaid account, they can actually enhance their winnings. Lastly, the casino benefits by keeping patrons on property, reduces the cost and risk of cash management, and further reduces jackpot payout processing costs."

About Resort Advantage
As the makers of the award-winning Title 31 Accelerator™, Slots Jackpot Accelerator™, SAR Workflow Accelerator™ and Incident Report Accelerator™ suite of compliance applications, Resort Advantage continues to lead the gaming industry with its innovations. Resort Advantage's Complete FinCEN/IRS Compliance Solution has set the gold standard for FinCEN and IRS compliance management and reporting as the solution of choice for the most prominent casino properties in North America. For more information, visit

About Sightline Interactive
Sightline Interactive is a subsidiary of Sightline Payments, which provides differentiated turnkey and licensed payment solutions tailored to enable casinos, banks, and other third party providers to capitalize on the brick and mortar, mobile, online, and cashless-gaming related payment growth opportunities. Sightline Payments is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information, please visit our website at or contact Diran Kludjian (EVP Sales) at 702-851-4747 ext 204.

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