SAR WORKFLOW ACCELERATOR™ Incident-Report-Accelerator-SAR-iPad-Mini

Resort Advantage, the recognized compliance innovation leader, is proud to present SAR Workflow Accelerator, the industry's first SAR reporting process workflow management tool.


Resort Advantage's (RA's) SAR Workflow Accelerator provides the workflow management tools to the property Compliance staff to manage the entire SAR reporting process at the property: from a suspicious incident's initiation through to its SAR Committee disposition and ultimate FinCEN electronic filing.

SAR Workflow Accelerator becomes a repository for all suspicious incidents, related investigation information, and SAR disposition. Suspicious incident reports (SIRs) initiated by RA's Incident Report Accelerator™ can be investigated by the Compliance Manager and any additional investigative information can be gathered and posted to the incident (i.e. documents, pictures, videos, etc.).

Once the investigation is completed, the Compliance Manager can make the suspicious incident reports and their supporting documentation available for SAR Committee review. The SIRs can be reviewed interactively and collaboratively by the SAR Committee and the Committee's final disposition can be documented. Based upon the SAR Committee's guidance, SIRs can be readily promoted to Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR Form 111) in RA's Back Office module. RA's eSubmission module then automatically electronically files the SARs with FinCEN.

The business process below illustrates the SAR workflow process:



RA's SAR Workflow Accelerator offers Compliance staff with access to the following business process capabilities:

Suspicious Incident Report Creation

  • Privilege driven initiation of SIR from floor Incident Report
  • Locks Incident Report from further editing in RA's Incident Report Accelerator

Suspicious Incident Report Management

  • Meets data reporting content of SAR Form 111
  • Link photos and videos to SIRs
  • Links documents and articles to SIRs
  • Link RA transactions to SIRs
  • Privilege driven access to SIR content
  • Audit log for SIR revision history

Suspicious Activity Report Management

  • Maintain attributes of SAR Committee: users, roles
  • Maintain group "Yes / No" votes on each SIR
  • Automatically stage SARs for electronic filing in RA's eSubmission module

Audit and Management Reporting

  • Provides online access to audit history of SIRs and SARs
  • Maintains SAR Committee disposition history

Giving floor staff the ability to quickly initiate incident reports on a real-time basis on the floor without all of the manual paperwork lends itself to an increased volume of incident reports and more accurate data collection in preparation for suspicious activity reporting.

The result is a completely auditable business process that encourages an increase in the awareness of the value of incident reporting at the property.